Getting Started – Pricing

Where do we begin?

Majestic redwood trees

Majestic redwood trees

We begin with a first session which includes completing a health history I will send by email.  Please bring this with you to the first session.  From there, we will discuss your goals and a I will craft a session to meet your specific needs.  I will ask you to be present to our work – to breath fully into your body and enjoy!

After the session, we may explore ways to support your on going well-being off the table – practices you can easily incorporate into your life such as specific stretching, breathing exercises and other helpful suggestions.

You may schedule appointments in half hour increments.  The first appointment often takes a little longer as we review your health history and goals for massage.

Prices include:

1st time Appointments Regular Appointments
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
75 minutes
90 minutes

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card including mastercard, visa or discover.

On line scheduling is coming.  To make an appointment please call (919) 286-9530 or email

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