I am a massage therapist licensed (#6865) in North Carolina.

If you are interested in finding a massage therapist, I would love to talk to you. Look to the right side of this page to get started now or send me a message to make an appointment.  Read below to learn more about my massage practice.

After leaving a very demanding real estate/lending job, I decided to give myself (it was a gift!) a massage therapy education in 2005.  With great fortune I was able to go to one of the best on the east coast  – the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC.

My work is heavily influenced by my Buddhist practice. In my experience:

  • Each person has an ability to heal and direct their own health care in that process.
  • Listening carefully allows me to provide each client with the highest level of care possible.
  • Relaxation and increased awareness of what is happening in the body and mind are the foundations for healing and well-being.

My practice includes working with many different people.They are:

  • working professionals who want to reduce stress,
  • athletes looking to improve performance,
  • older adults who want to be more comfortable in their bodies and
  • those healing from specific injuries or range of motion limitations.

With time I find I can often help resolve long standing physical ailments, even when a client has been to many other health care providers without satisfying results.

This is a picture of my beautiful studio space.  It is attached to my home.

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