Teri is all heart and all practical empowerment. The Skillful Means workshop on developing a vision for work offers life-enhancing experiential learning to further a dream and bring it to reality. In my case, I became focused not only on what I want but on who I am in the process of realizing my dream—and I created specific goals that will be key to my success.  Laurel Fereljohn, professional author and copy writer

Through the Skillful Means visioning workshop I was able to get very clear on the essence of my business concept, and the workshop gave me the structure and support to expand it. The body work really helped me get centered and the vision just flowed out after that.  Diane Currier, Entrepreneur and CEO of HoneyGirl Meadery

I have been privileged to work with Teri in her practice of Embodied Well-Being including Skillful Means workshops, Kum Nye yoga classes, and individual massage therapy. In all three areas Teri is able to not only relate to but to work in partnership with all sorts of diverse people.

At a time of high stress and difficulty in my work life, a Skillful Means workshop allowed me to find balance and perspective through awareness and kindness. Teri’s skillful facilitation enabled me to effectively integrate the practical aspects of life with my deeper aspirations.

Both in Kum Nye yoga and in individual massage sessions, Teri’s holistic approach brings attention and care for the body as part of the whole person.

Inspired to be an active participant in exploration, I’ve discovered levels of healing that extend far beyond just an hour of relaxation and that help me to see the ways I use (and misuse!) my body, opening for me ways to live in my body by attending to my full experience of the moment.

What I appreciate most about Teri’s skills is that in all areas of endeavor she brings together a unique balance of well honed techniques, listening, insightfulness, and genuine caring – creating environments for individuals to experience themselves honestly and  create themselves with confidence and love.

Faith Gardner, Zen meditation practitioner & teacher. She makes her living as a public servant, working to eliminate substandard housing in the City of Durham.

As a believer in therapeutic massage, I wondered why it has been years since I had even gone for a massage.  Hearing this lament, a friend said, “You need to make an appointment with Teri Beckman.”  I scheduled an appointment, hoped for a good massage, and came out having had a GREAT massage.  I was hooked.   From the beginning, Teri asked me to focus on areas of discomfort, pain or concern.  That required that I sit for awhile and ignore my intellectual “over-ride,” having learned to dismiss chronic back and hip pain from old injuries.  Teri asked excellent questions, listened carefully, identified muscle groups to work on, and then asked permission to focus on those muscles using deep tissue massage.  With that initiation, and subsequent massages, my body has responded with a healing cycle.  For the first time in decades, my hip pain has subsided and my back pain is lifting.  Throughout a massage session, Teri asks permission to work on an area, asks for feedback about the comfort of her touch, and encourages me with ideas about after care.  Consistent massage with Teri is a prescription for greater physical and mental health. I am grateful.

Pamela J. Trent, Ph.D., HSP-P is a Licensed Psychologist and is managing director of a therapeutic practice in Durham.

I am an avid runner, clocking 10 to 14 miles per week.  I have had many different types of massage therapy over the years.  I consider my massage therapy work with Teri to be an indispensable part of self-care, my ability to stay strong and limber and successfully continue to increase my speed with minimal injuries.  I like sticking with a good thing.
Dan Phillips is a software engineer in RTP and serious amateur long distance runner/racer.  He is on the right in this picture finishing a recent race on the American Tobacco Trail with his son.

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