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Improving Inner and Outer Communication

October 1 – November 5, 2012

How can we open communication within our selves and with others?

How can we relax and release the unnecessary tension which often complicates and confuses communication?

We will explore for 6 weeks improving communication – beginning with communication with ourselves.

When we truly communicate, we open channels of love and caring, inspiring openness in one another, and awakening a deep appreciation of the joy and meaning in life.  In whatever we are trying to communicate, our genuine caring is always part of the message, for true communication creates one heart, one mind uniting us in a common bond of friendship and mutual understanding. – Tarthang Tulku – Skillful Means

We begin by tuning the breath – our most fundamental way of communicating with ourselves.  Kum Nye yoga will help us develop a soft and even breath and become more familiar and comfortable with inner stillness, laying the foundation for healthy communication within ourselves and with others.

Other Kum Nye exercises will help create a smooth flow of energy supporting a balance between

  • Being and Doing
  • Feeling and Thinking
  • Giving and Receiving

From this place of balance effective communication with others comes naturally and spontaneously.  We will explore structures that can be used in every day life to support this balance.  As outer communication  improves so does the ability to work with others and enjoy whatever activity we decide to engage.

Teaching Methods Include:

  • In person classes with highly experiential activities
  • Regular short recorded conference calls supporting communication practices during the week as well opportunities to ask questions.
  • Video Training Support
  • Private Facebook access where you can share with fellow classmates in a private forum your experiences improving communication and get support from others.

Results you can expect:

  • You will have a dependable step by step structure for improving communication with yourself and with others.
  • You will practice improved communication methods and have a chance to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Experience more joy in daily experience and satisfaction in your interactions with others.

WHEN : Starting 10/01 – 11/05/12

In person meetings are on Monday evenings.

WHERE: 1105 Iredell St. Durham, NC 27705

It is possible to take this class remotely.  Please inquire if you are interested in doing this.

COST: $170 includes the book Skillful Means, handouts, videos and audio recordings.   Because of the small number of participants invited to take the class, it is not possible to issue refunds for missed classes.

A portion of all proceeds benefit the preservation of Tibetan culture and sacred texts.

Class will be limited to 8 participants so there is opportunity to develop trust within the group and for each person to participate and learn effectively.  Participants will be enrolled on a first come first serve basis.

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Questions? Call (919) 286-9530 or

What people are saying…

Teri is all heart and all practical empowerment. The Skillful Means workshop I attended offered life-enhancing experiential learning to further a dream and bring it to reality. In my case, I became focused not only on what I want but on who I am in the process of realizing my dream—and I created specific goals that will be key to my success.  Laurel Fereljohn, professional author and copy writer

Through the Skillful Means visioning workshop I was able to get very clear on the essence of my business concept, and the workshop gave me the structure and support to expand it. The body work really helped me get centered and the vision just flowed out after that.  Diane Currier, Entrepreneur and CEO of HoneyGirl Meadery

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