History – Lineage

Where does Kum Nye come from? What is its lineage?

The practice of Kum Nye was and is being developed and refined by Tarthang Tulku, a Tibetan lama who has been in the US for 40 years now.  He has a unique understanding of how to take ancient healing practices and make them as accessible and useful as possible for westerners.  Learn more about him here.

History and Roots:

The written tradition of Kum Nye is found in Tibetan medical texts as well as Vinaya texts of Buddhisim.  It is derived from and a part of the ancient lineage of spiritual and medical theories and practices that links Tibetan and Indian and Chinese medicine.  This same lineage has given rise to many disciplines, including yoga and acupuncture now familar to many Americans.

Kum Nye as developed by Tarthang Tulku, and practiced here, is thoroughly modern however, adapted specifically to modern needs.

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