Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Kum Nye Tibetan yoga is a system of self-healing that brings balance and well-being to daily life. Regular practice of Kum Nye generates a process of deep relaxation for the body and mind.

The postures and breathing exercises of Kum Nye foster awareness & concentration. The slow and gentle movements allow the body and mind to align and integrate with the mind. Gradually stillness, presence, balance, healing, vitality and a great knowing come forth. Our “being” begins to shine. We become comfortable in our own skin.

The unique value of the Kum Nye system of relaxation is that it integrates and balances 2 approaches, the physical and the psychological. Kum Nye heals our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function calmly and smoothly. When we learn to open our senses and touch our feelings directly, our bodies and mind make contact with one another, and all experience becomes rich, healthy and more beautiful.

Tarthang Tulku, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kum Nye Practiced? How can I learn more?

Kum Nye is practiced all over the world! There is a practice group here in Durham, NC as well as other places in the US.

In Durham classes are now offered in 10 week blocks throughout the year, usually taking a break during the summer. Click here to learn about current or upcoming classes.

What does a Kum Nye exercise look like?  Check out Opening the Heart below:

Are there are other resources?

Yes! There is an “e-Kum Nye” program that is very helpful for individual practice. This program has 10 levels, each 10 weeks long. It comes with a weekly lesson sent by email, video as well as e-books. Learn more here.

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