Your Inner Voice – Do you Listen?


By: Teri Beckman

Some books discuss the importance of listening to your ‘authentic inner voice’.

I was very confused about this for a long time.   I went on vacation with my partner and took a book which talked about this.  I almost broke up with her, not based on too much of anything, but some inner voices.

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How a Vision Can Transform Your Work Life

For anyone who aspires to accomplish a purpose, vision is the key to success.  Whether you are starting a business, an employee involved with important projects, or simply trying to learn how to make life more meaningful, vision is like a lamp in a dark forest.  – It helps to sustain a clear sense of direction, motivation, interest, effort and ultimately our well-being.  Vision uplifts and protects the human heart from the confusion and dissatisfaction that so often characterize our lives, and leads us along a path of transformation. Continue reading

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