You have found a website and Community devoted to Healing & Ongoing Well Being

There are 3 ways you may begin to engage this process… Click the buttons above to explore more.

Therapeutic Massage – a practice shared between therapist and client – where through specific movement of tissues and muscles with active breathing, – stress and holding are reduced, well-being ensues, the body and mind heal.

Skillful Means is an invitation to work and live to the full extent of our human potential.  Reawakening the joy of work as a challenge to learn and grow, the practices of Skillful Means can be applied in infinitely varied ways that have long lasting positive benefits for both individuals and organizations.  Embodied Well-Being provides a door to these practices.  Learn more. 

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga is the art of developing true balance.  Through relaxation we can discover a new way of being, a perspective that is open and that delights in the integration of body, mind, senses, feelings, and environment.  We learn to appreciate the completely wholesome quality of living experience.  Embodied Well-Being provides small classes to allow students to directly experience balance and the cultivation of wholesomeness through gentle physical movements and postures, opening the senses, and bringing the mind and body to a state of meditation and healing.  Learn more about Kum Nye here.

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